Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Mild Complaint Really....

Watching the news is depressing lately...all they seem to be covering is the rising food prices. Although, no one seems to explain adequately why this is happening....other than it is just a progression of events. One article I read suggested that corn was a root of the problem. Corn is a huge staple in lots of food products, but with the increase demand in biofuel that the supply of said corn is being spread too thin.... so basically a good thing (increase in biofuel) is leading to higher food prices which is a bad thing.

The problem is that I am not sure if the ratio of good things to bad things is worth it some of the time. Here is some good things/bad things in my own life.

Bad thing: brakes going out
Good thing: my work supplies a bus pass and I have been taking the bus to most places
Good thing: parents save money on gas (as they pay for gas)
Good thing: I've been walking more, which makes me healthier
Bad thing: more movement means higher metabolism, means I am hungry more and eating more
Bad thing: food prices are higher so I have to spend more for food...and buy more food than I normally would
Good thing: collecting part time jobs to make ends meet, means I am earning more....
Bad thing: earning more doesn't mean much when it gets spent on food anyway

Well at the moment my good things/bad things ratio is 1:1 which = Debbie is annoyed.
:) + :( = :$

And really the thing that is most annoying is that I'm starving at the moment and need to go to Costco today. Which is a bunch of bad things: being hungry, spending money, and having to use the suspect car.

Dammit. Can't win for losing, I guess.

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Anonymous said...

Delal, it's obvious you have a lovely personality.

Given that your last post to date was close to "April 24," I wanted to make your readers aware of a new YouTube video that deserves wide exposure, in defense of Turks. If you agree, maybe you can even put up a separate entry for it.
“Stillfester Balloney’s Armenian Genocide EVIDENCE”