Monday, April 21, 2008

Dating My Brother?

So every woman should probably have a gay male friend....or in my case, I've got my brother. Regardless of the fact that I have known him for all of his life...he still manages to know me pretty well. Yesterday he was going on a junk food trip to the grocery store and while there he bought me some flowers.

First of all, receiving flowers of any kind from anyone is a wonderful thing. I don't care if they are store bought or come from someone's garden....I love them all and will take them.

Second, in the whole time that Mr.3 and I were together I never received flowers from him. In fact there were only two sentimental gifts from him that I really remember. An iPod Nano, which I really wanted but he had sold back some of my (and his) textbooks to get the money...and he had bought himself a bunch of other stuff along with it. (I was really angry at how he did that--I was out of town at a funeral and he sold books of mine without my permission.) He also bought me a stuffed horse. Which was nice, but I am still not sure where he got the idea that I would like it. I only liked it because he gave it to me.

And third, my brother knows me so well...that he even bought me the type of flowers that I like, daisies. You could melt my heart quicker with a single daisy than all of the roses in the world.

In a strange way, I feel like I am dating my brother.... I know, I'm an incest whore (hee hee inside joke). Maybe I should enjoin my brother to give a swift training course to whoever I date in the future.

Also, it just reminds me that your family will alway love you and know exactly what to do to make you smile.

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Ardent said...

Hi Delal, I thought it was really sweet that your brother bought you flowers. :)

I also love flowers. The flower in the vase however is not a daisy. It may look like one but it is actually a 'Gerbera'.

Brothers can be so kind when they want to be.:)