Sunday, April 13, 2008

That Mid-April Time

We grilled hamburgers for dinner tonight. It is funny to think that this time last year I was searching for new grilling tools for Mr.3 because he was sure that he would be home at any moment. There's alot of those little nostalgic items I find. I was proud that I remembered how to turn the grill on....and even though there was a large fireball that erupted when I lit the eyebrows are still intact. In fact, no singeing whatsoever. Jimmy and I have made it our goal for this year to turn into excellent grilling chefs. We haven't screwed up hamburgers we have a good start, not to mention that we also got to eat outside in the front yard....equally good.

Back to nostalgia... I was washing dishes this evening, trying to reflect on how I felt at this time last year. I can't remember how I felt, but I know that I was struggling in my classes and on the verge of failing. Back then I was surviving off of one job and a crapload of student loans. Now I am paying my students loans off and working three jobs (will mention the latest one later). I can't remember if I felt this deadtired then as I do now (I only have one day off this week) but I feel in general that I am much better off than before. Maybe I feel better now than before because I let myself wallow in my emotions.... now I just keep myself too busy to wallow. In fact it is sorta funny when I say a "day off" because I work everyday, just on the weekends it is less and I have more free time.

It is strange how I still miss telling Mr.3 things. I will hear a bit of news about someone we know and want to tell him....just because he used to be interested. Or at least pretended very well that he was. I don't know if it will mean anything to him anymore that Wendy finally got that job, Dr. Weiss is really going to retire...I heard from Breanne..... or that I got to interview some really great speakers that I know he would have died to be able to get some one-on-one time. Even when he was gone for so long, I did really keep him in the loop with the has only been 4 months since that process stopped. I'm still not used to it.

As to the third job that I alluded to earlier. I know that I mentioned ages ago about an editor gig that I had with Global Voices. Well, that still hasn't gotten off the ground, but the Daily Digest editor needed a break and decided to give that position up so that all of his attentions could be focused on Outreach for GV. I start tomorrow writing the summaries of the daily on-goings on the GV site. I hope to be able to keep my same schedule with the MEC and Blue Coat....but if it proves to be too much I might have to lessen some of my Blue Coat hours. I read on Twitter that a benefit of being self-employed is that you can choose your own 70-hour a week work schedule. I may not be self-employed, but I do get to choose my own 70-hour a week schedule. I keep reminding myself that I work this hard now so that things will be better in the future. I just have to remember to keep telling myself that. Remember, remember.....for one day you will be able to have a vacation and lounge about somewhere with a new computer...that has a battery that works....and a power plug that works correctly....and you can drive to that vacation in your car that have brakes that don't make scary sounds.

Thanks heavens for a bus pass and my trusty but senile laptop....we'll make it through this.

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