Thursday, July 03, 2008

Back Home

Budapest was incredibly tiring but fun. When Libby picked me up at the airport she said that I looked exhausted but relaxed.


I guess that I am. Although I don't think that I have been relaxed in ages. I wonder when that transition happened? I hope that it wasn't between the 3 long islands iced tea and getting felt up by the 5 British bachelor's party guys, because that is not going to happen very often.

I did get really energized about Global Voices and I have a whole slew of projects that I want to start working on. And of course I have to add these things into my busy schedule....although at the moment I feel like I am starting at square one with my schedule....hence me spending all day in my bedroom on my computer trying to get caught up on stuff.

Lots of funny things happened at the conference, most of which I will post about a little later....just keep yourself ready for Benny Lava!

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