Thursday, July 03, 2008

Bollywood Dance Class

So during the summit our beloved Neha taught us all how to dance Bollywood style. The above video is hilarious to see anyway because of the way that the subtitles were added in. Joining into the dance was more fun though. So far there are two videos of the dance session: one on dotsub (you have to register for it) and on (password gVb0llyWoodWorkshop).

The trick to Bollywood dancing? Just follow the directions: Screw in the lightbulb and pet your dog! Hand out the plates, hand out the plates, hand out the pour the drinks, pour the drinks!

Thank god for video, it helps a bit in those "you just had to be there"moments.

The photo is Jillian York "handing out the plates" courtesy of Neha.

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