Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Doctors, Doctors and more Doctors

I see an endochronologist every year, and last year I made an appointment for a year in advance because sometimes they get backlogged in appointments if you call later. Sometime in March I received a message saying that the doctor for my July appointment had been changed.

No big deal really.

Then a few weeks ago I get a letter saying that my appointment has been canceled due to a conflict in the new doctor's schedule and that I need to call in. I didn't because I was lazy.

The doctor's office left a phone message for me today, so I thought that I should probably call in and reschedule. Know what I found out? They apparently switched doctors on me because my current doctor no longer takes appointments on Tuesdays.

Why they just couldn't have rescheduled the appointment to begin with rather than decide to entirely change doctors is beyond me.

So now I am back with the original doctor, on a Monday.
Silly rabbits.

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