Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Further Proof that I Kick Ass!

Like I really needed to give further proof.... :)

Today in yoga class my instructor announces that we are all going to try inverted handstands. Of course everyone in the room looked as paniked about it as I felt, but in the spirit of being adventurous I tried it.

And I did it.

Oh yeah....me and my large and weighty bum got in the air and I found that I could stay in the pose for just as long as the rest of my classmates. So in order to prove it (I raved about my coolness on Twitter) I have photo evidence. Of course the photo adds to my awesomeness as I look like the girl who got folded into two in the horror movie One Missed Call (see the original Japanese version---much better than the American).

Cool isn't it?
Jimmy tried to do it as well, and while he can hold in a full handstand he doesn't have the core muscles to do the table inverted stand that I did. If you want to see photos of him, you can see my flickr account.


taamarbuuta said...

There's not actually a single spot in my apartment where I can try this, but as soon as I find a space, I'm going to (along with the Grace Jones pose)


Libby said...

My dear, you look fantastic! I liked having all the blood rush to my head.

Rebekah said...

This is amazing! I'm so jealous! If you never hear from me again, it's because I broke out my yoga mat, attempted this, fell over and broke myself.

Mayvelous said...

You are so cool! I'm still practicing the Grace Jones pose and looking for someone to take photo of me. Hope you can post more great pose now and then.

Jenyx26 said...

that is so awesome. Where do you do yoga? I have been looking for a good and not to expensive place. Inner peace and all that jazz. I have a power yoga (vinyasa) dvd that i used to do quite religiously, and I loved it, but got a bit bored since it was the same thing over and over. Was quite killer though, and I felt amazing after!

Delal said...

yeah, the class is offered through the U for students/staff. I LOVE the girl who teaches it, I should ask her if she teaches at a studio, because I would take more classes from her....I already signed up for her class next fall.