Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Choosing the Right To Do List

A while ago I sent out a Twitter asking if anyone had any recommendations for an online to-do list... I started my search with this article from TechCrunch. I liked the pull down menus on OrchestrateHQ but it wouldn't let me personalize it the way I needed. Remember the Milk has great functionality and a plug-in for everything, but it had limited categories to place things in. I ended up going with Todoist, which I have been using for the past week and simply love! Why did I go with that one? I like the firefox toolbar plugin, it matches quite well with my delicious toolbar plugin. I can also set up as many category lists as I want but view things as per when they need to be done. This is the closest to my old paper list that was done out on a weekly basis by category. I think that the new tool has added to my productivity this week....or if anything given me a bit of the refocusing that I needed.

Plus....I get to have that satisfying feeling of checking off the little boxes. :)

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