Friday, August 15, 2008

Loan Officer Call aka Karmic Pinch

So yesterday I felt that I wrote probably wrote the meanest post about Mr.3--- mean in the sense that I was sharing gossip about him and giving reasons to validate it. And while I have been assured that I wasn't doing anything wrong in it by multiple people....I still got a karmic slap-back yesterday.

Maybe not a slap, but definitely a pinch. The pinch being that I got the call from the fraud investigator for Mr.3's student loans. For those that don't remember, one of the many "fun" things that he did was to co-sign me on all of his student loans without my knowledge. Now, I've been through the long laborious process of filling out the fraud packet and I knew that I would get a call from an investigator but not sure when.

It was like I had forgotten everything when I talked to this person. I couldn't remember dates and events. I was stammering, and I was so worried that it sounded like I made the whole thing up. Who knows, maybe if I had sounded polished he would have thought that I was lying.

The effect of this half hour phone call was that I was a nervous wreck, taken back to the days where a word would reduce me to tears. I was shaking and felt sick to my stomach....and that was my karmic slap-back/pinch....that just when I feel like I am over this and that I have strength, a small thing happens to remind me of what happened. I'm sure that this will keep happening somehow. And in some ways, I will always feel like I'm a victim. Which is really odd....because the police keep telling me that I'm not a victim, and the credit companies say that I am because I owe them the money. The police won't help me, and the credit companies just want to get paid....this is really why identity theft sucks ass, and why it keeps happening more and more.

At the moment, the decision is still as unmade as it was before that call yesterday. I asked the guy how it was looking. He said that the fact that the checks were cashed into my bank account (as Mr.3 never had ID in order to get one for himself) it looked like I was liable for the loans. He ALSO said that the fact that Mr.3 has a history of this was something in my favor. He still needs to call some more people and finish his report. Then the report goes to his manager, and she makes the decision as to whether or not I'm liable.

How much is this for? Oh, between $20,000-$23,000 of student loans. And while, I am finally in a place in my life where I could make the extra $200 payment a month in student loans, I don't feel that I should have to be sacked with this. As it is, I am paying close to $600 a month in student loans as it pushing that bill to $800-$900 a month that I am shelling out is not something that I want to do. Me finally getting to a financial place where I have "disposable income" is about me getting my life back on track and me planning financially for my future. And more importantly, me leaving the mess of Mr.3 behind.

This needs to be about me.

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