Friday, September 26, 2008

The Neverending Diii-vorce Ahhhaaahhhahhhh!

I know, ages since the last update-that's because I play with Twitter too much. But I wanted to quickly give a divorce update which is basically that I am still technically married and that the court wants me to file EVEN MORE paperwork to show that I have adequately tried to summons Mr.3.

Of course, I found this out from the desk clerk when I tried to file the final paperwork. She was helpful in answering my questions, unlike the first desk clerk who wouldn't answer the same exact questions that the last desk clerk did. In fact the first one just yelled at me saying that she couldn't give me "legal" advice.

So basically I need to get my act in gear, file that other set of paperwork today, and then throw myself on the mercy of the judge at the court date next Wednesday.

And in other legal matters.... I went to the free legal clinic for advice on Mr.3's student loans. The lawyer said that I was pretty much screwed over because the checks were deposited into my account. In fact everything looked pretty grim until I mentioned that I had filed for bankruptcy. He said that my only shot was to contact my bankruptcy lawyer because while I may have accepted the money into my bank account, if my information was forged on the paperwork (which it was) that it would change the nature of the debt. I might have accepted the money, not as a student-loan, but as unsecured debt. As that information was included in the bankruptcy filing it would be then charged off. So I have a meeting with my lawyer on Thursday.

Other than that....I seem to be in a general "stop-the-world-I-want-to-get-off" mode. Incidentally, does anyone remember that song "Stop the World" by Extreme? hee hee...still makes me giggle.

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