Friday, October 17, 2008

The Match Experiment

You can always tell when I have a bunch of stuff going on in my life because I blog less... and while I can't divulge everything at the moment, be assured that all in good time some crazy cool shit is going to be revealed. In the meantime I am gonna talk about this week's new experiment: me signing up on

How did this happen in the first place? It was a combination of a free $60 in my account and the prodings of dear Stephanie. We should probably give her all of the credit or blame for what happens in all of this. :)

Now, years and years ago I just to chat with lots of random strangers in AOL chatrooms, and I got a couple of dates from it....mostly disasters and mostly situations where I had to talk my way out of some uncomfortable situations in order to keep my virginity intact. I have been really avoiding signing up for a service because of this bad history. But I am very different now than I was then. I am more confident and comfortable with myself and my body.... and well that virginity thing, that's a done issue as well.

So...well....its weird trying to "advertise" yourself. I wrote a bunch of oddly witty (at least I hope that it appears to be that way) responses to strange questions. And of course, it was really discouraging at first to look through people's profiles to see what type of woman they were looking for....I'm not going to fit into the "slender" or "athletic" types that everyone seems to be looking for.

And then, perhaps the hardest part is that they want you list what you are looking for.... which really reflects badly on what I am used to. So while I wanted to write that I am looking for as "a man who has his own place so that he doesn't need to live and mooch off of me. That has a job so that I don't have to pay for him everywhere we go. Someone who isn't a con man, someone who isn't like my soon to be ex husband". I think that we all agree that this isn't going to look good in a personal ad. What I settled with was this:
"With the exception of believing that Thursdays might be karmically against me, I'd say that I was a pretty low key girl looking for a drama free relationship. I am looking for someone I can laugh with, and if they are a bit of a chubby-chaser then all would be great too!.
And honestly, what I want is a guy that I can hang with and have fun with and be wild with behind the scenes... someone who isn't looking for forever, but is content for right now and open to possibilities."

They want you to "flirt" online with other matches....this is done by "winking" at people who you are interested in. I've been on this system for 3 days and I have winked at 14 people. I think that makes me a serial winker. Then if someone likes what they see they can wink back or send you an email. So far I have had contact with two people email-wise (strangely enough both named Rob). One of them I have had quite extensive chat conversations with...and while that started as a occasion to get to know someone the conversation went into the subject of porn. Those who know me well know that this is a subject that I can talk on and on about. While he was thinking that I was getting off on the topic, I wasn't. I can find titillation anywhere..... what I am looking for is beyond that.

All is not hopeless, I have another promising email situation developing, and you can be sure that when something happens, I'll post it here.

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Kathy101110 said...

just be careful when the guy brings up porn first. he's the kind of guy that will test and push your boundaries, but not in a good way.