Sunday, October 19, 2008


Jimmy and I had a brother/sister afternoon yesterday and went to see the movie Quarantine. Besides it being a horror film we also went to the Gateway theaters because Jimmy is in the commercial they are showing there for Nightmare on 13th. So if you want to see a pissed off, shirtless, and painted gold Jimmy talking about how he "supposes he comes from the Amazon and that he likes to eat hearts because they have alot of protein" there's your chance.

If you like/love horror films--- go and see Quarantine, because it is by far the best zombie film that I have EVER seen. It gets bonus points for the following:
1. Zombie children
2. Being beaten to death with a video camera
3. Walking on a compound fractured leg
4. Making a girl cry in the theater
5. Unexpected crunching noises
And even wins bonus points for making Jimmy freak out a little.

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Kerrith Black said...

I love zombie movies but I am a purist. These fast moving zombies really annoy me. Still I will check it out after I see W..

Also, I hate going to Gateway theaters. They are owned by Larry H. Miller. I try to avoid giving any money to that bastard!