Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Personal Goal: Be More Decisive

I've decided that I need to be more decisive in life... I'm decisive if it refers to just me: life decisions that sort of thing. But when it comes to a decision that affects other people I'm useless. As an example, today Libby asked me where I wanted to go for coffee....there were two choices, and while I knew what one I wanted, I really couldn't say what I wanted to do. The other night, me and M were going out (I'll talk about this more later) and he asked me if I was hungry. I wasn't really hungry and I definitely didn't want him to go out of his way for me. I was wishy-washy and just got a pop. Later that evening, he asked me again. At this time I was....but....I couldn't tell him that. I just didn't want to impose my choices on anyone else.

And this frustrates the people that I know and love.

Now if I could figure out why I am that way, I would change it. I mean really, telling someone that I'm hungry and that something sounds good to me shouldn't be that difficult to say, right?

So right now, I am making a new personal goal for myself--- to be more decisive, to not be timid in saying what I want when someone asks me. ...working on asking for what I want at any time can come a bit later.... this is a baby step situation. I will keep you posted. Wish me luck!


Libby said...

So, where do you want to go for coffee? ;)

Delal said...

I'm gonna pick Two Creeks every time, cause its tasty and close to my house.