Sunday, November 16, 2008

Planning to Cook Today

Not that I can't cook and not that I am not an excellent cook...I just don't take the time to cook. Today I will be making (for the first time) a red lentil and mint soup. I'm quite excited about it....and because I can use my latest culinary skills....that of peeling and seeding a tomato...which I learned how to do on the internet. Yet another reason that the internet rocks my socks.

I wish that I had more time to cook....of course, I wish that I had more time in general. More, more, more..... My therapist says that I have a hard time with that....more. I always want more but because I have been denied it so often, I just sort of suck it up and accept that I will not get more. I need to ask for many things I need to ask for more. I realized that on my date last night....I held back so much, I could have done more, asked for more time with him, more of a good night kiss, just more......must work on rectifying that bit of an issue for next time.