Friday, December 05, 2008

I Drank My Ex-Husband's Expensive Beer with my New Boyfriend

In fact as we sat there sipping the horribly expensive German imported beer that Mr.3 insisted I buy for him (and then he hardly ever drank them) Mark said "you know, despite all the horrible things he did, your ex has good taste in beer".

Ah beer. What a lovely drink it is, especially when you are enjoying it with someone you like.

So let's talk about the person I like. His name is Mark and he is a mechanic (you might remember the experiment post from earlier). We've been emailing back and forth since before Halloween but we hadn't met until the Saturday before I left to go to the MESA conference. We decided to go see a laser show at the planetarium and met by the Olympic fountain in the Gateway. Even though he was late (a chronic thing with him) there was instant chemistry between us. We walked around the mall for an hour before deciding on something to eat, went to the show, and then afterwards we walked around for 2 hours talking. I could have talked all evening except that the cold was finally sinking into my legs...and it was 1am. So he walked me to my car, I drove him to his, and there was a brief kiss. We went out again the following Tuesday, went back to my house and talked for a couple hours, and then he spent the night. Of course, I was supposed to fly out the next morning and hadn't packed yet, which made it an interesting morning. And unlike my recent encounter with the mailman (worse sex of entire life), my evening and every evening since with Mark has been the best sex of my life.

I find myself in a relationship now and also without a blog nickname for Mark. Maybe I'll call him M until I figure out something more fitting. M is still in the process of a divorce, and he admitted to me that it would be unfair to say that he is completely over his 'almost ex'. I have to admit the same. We have decided on a low-key yet exclusive relationship. At the moment, we have only been able to manage seeing each other once a week (its an excellent once a week though) but I would like to up it to twice a week..... which is completely in the realm of possibility.

Things are very different with him then what I am used to. Mr.3 was publically affectionate but wasn't in private. M doesn't do the PDA thing, but when we are alone he is very affectionate. In fact he likes to cuddle while asleep, which I am definitely not used to. Mr.3 and I would cuddle for a minute and then separate to our respective sides of the bed. M reaches out and holds me in the night. Of course this makes me an extra light sleeper but one day I hope to wake up and realize that I have comfortably spent the night in his arms (and I am aware of how cliche that line sounds). I've been so used to being rejected that I am not sure how to handle the opposite situation.

How does this leave things? Well...I am plesantly happy and excited about being with M. In fact, I am making plans (while writing this) to see him on Sunday---(yeah! I've hit my twice a week!) and I'm sure that you expect future gushiness on this blog about him.

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Ann said...

This is awesome. Good for you!