Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crack and Peel- Comps Saga Part 4

So I originally had this absolutely brilliant metaphor planned about how my emotional state was akin to a crack and peel mailing label....but I lost interest writing it halfway through. Let's just say that the month of March was awful....taking me on this emotional rollercoaster that I never ever ever ever ever wish to go on again.

In order to explain my craziness, I am going to lay it all out for you in cool, calm logic:

Weeks in order to complete the take home portion of comprehensive exam: 2
Days left in the exam period before I completely and totally freaked out: 4
Panic attacks on exam due date: 1
Crying fit on exam due date: 2
Days inbetween exam due date and oral defense of take-home: 3
Length of time that my oral defense was scheduled for: 30 minutes
Hours spent freaking out before oral defense: 3
Pre-oral defense panic attacks: 1
Times tearing up in the oral defense: 1
Hours spent after the oral exam crying and hyperventilating: 2
Hours spent studying for the lab exam: 4
Even though I memorized the formula for standard deviation, how many times was it in the lab exam: 0
Time spent of four hour exam period trying to figure out how to get the exam printing because the faculty neglected to let us know that we needed our student ID and money on our student ID in order to print: 30 minutes

Oral comps passed: 1
Lab comps passed: information still pending
Amount of money that I had to spend today on my cap and gown for graduation even though I am still not sure that I am going to graduate: $50

It feels really good to be finished with the exams. Apparently I have been walking around in a heavy fog for a couple of weeks...so I apologize to family and friends that I may have babbled at instead of having a legitimate conversation. I have no excuse.

I also have no excuse for the lack of housecleaning the past three weeks! I shall get that tackled today....although I suspect that I am the only one who notices the dust. But oh....to do chores and errands, and go out and see people and even to read a book without guilt that I should be studying instead...that, my friends, is completely priceless.

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