Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Pity Pass

No one knows better then me that I haven't been the best graduate student....I've joked about it plenty of times. I know that my passing of my comps was due more to politics than performance. It already feels pretty hollow. And since I know this, I really don't want to be reminded about it. So the thanks-for-nuttin' award goes to my chair who sent me the following email today:

I am writing this email as Chair of your supervisory committee. This email is to let you know that you have passed the take home portion of your exam. Congratulations!

After considerable discussion and debate, your committee has agreed to also pass you on your lab exam; however, they have asked that I let you know that this was an exceptionally poor exam, and they are very disappointed in your performance.

Translation: Congratulations you have a masters degree, but you still suck.


Kristen said...

Seriously? What's your degree in again?

People are assholes.

Delal said...

Applied Linguistics
Basically it means I'm now a language teacher.

Kerrith Black said...

My thesis drug on for two years after my comps and a year after my defense. So, you are only the second worst graduate student.