Sunday, January 10, 2010

One Resolution Down!

This has been one crazy and awesomely cool week.

As you can tell my the title, one of my resolutions from my last post has been accomplished. Which one? Not the piano one sadly....although I did practice for so long today that my forearms are burning. And there is no new wii in my living room. So that leaves....yes....I got a new job. And not one, but two.

Yes folks.....I got offered TWO jobs this week.


Holy shit.

I did a second interview with the YWCA the last week of the year, and have been on tenderhooks with the job offer as I knew that on the 31st (Thursday) that my references were being called. My contact person at the Y even called me to get another reference number because she couldn't reach anyone at the University. And of course....I spent all of New Year's waiting (it was a depressive New Year's for me for that reason) and was still waiting to hear something on Monday. Tuesday I had decided that I would email my contact to see what was happening. She called me before I wrote to her. She needed another reference. She also said that it was just a formality that she had to speak to three professional references before she could make an offer....and then she promised me that she would call me on Wednesday. At about 2pm on Wednesday, she calls and offers me the job.....which I of course accept. Before I left the MEC at 3pm that day I had given my notice.

But this is not the end of the story.

Friday afternoon about 2pm I get a call from Linda telling me that she just finished talking with the folks over at UCASA....which I had interviewed with the day before my first interview with the YWCA.... and that they were going to offer me the job. Then I sent a message to Libby telling her how odd this was. She then replied that she was currently on the phone with them. Between the two jobs I had wanted UCASA more....not for the money but the job duties itself. I told Libby to send me a message when she was off the phone with them.

For the next few minutes I fretted about what to do if I was offered the job as I had already accepted the position at the Y. Both Linda and Libby were telling me that I needed to take this second job. As soon as Libby was typing the message "Done. Get ready for the phone to ring." The phone was ringing and I was offered the second job in three days.

There was no choice really. I had to accept the second job and called the YWCA and turn down their offer of employment. I felt bad by disappointing the Y....but I really have no loyalty to them yet.

On Wednesday I was elated because I was leaving the MEC, albeit for a job that was going to be less responsibility and the same pay. On Friday I was leaving the MEC with a job that is a considerable pay raise and job status raid. So, if you are wondering, the new administrative assistant for the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault officially starts on Wednesday January 20th.

Crazy, crazy couple of days.


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Woo hoo!

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Good for you. Congratulations

Glenn Kelley