Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Closing the door

Today was my last day at the Center. It was very strange. For once I completed all of my to-do list. For once, there is nothing left to do, nothing to lose sleep over.

I thought that I was ok until I was closing the door of my office for the last time. I didn't expect to tear up, but I did. I've been at the center for almost 6 years of employment....so many of my major life changes happened there....so much baggage.

And now, no more.
Really strange.

So..... I'm not crying....its just raining on my face.


~Niki said...

I'm sorry you were sad, but excited for your new journey! After everything you've been through the past few years, I'm excited to see you have an opportunity to do what you love doing (advocacy) in a new environment while casting off some of that baggage!

Here's to yet another step of putting the past behind you and continuing that march on into a future you get to customize as all your own!

Chef E said...

Reading this took me back over a year ago when I had to close down my cafe because the health food store went bankrupt. Took me a while to realize that silly saying, when one door closes another opens, or a window, for a while I felt like I was way bigger than the opening and stuck in the frame, dangling, and finally I wiggled through.