Thursday, January 28, 2010

Turning Left

soo..... I've been at the new job for a week now and I am sure that you are all desperate for an update. Here are the differences between what happens to me on a daily basis versus what I left at the center:

1. In the morning I turn left instead of right onto 3rd avenue. Every time I do, I think of that line in Dr. Who that says "turn left and change the world".
2. Where I would have to take into account that it is a 5-10 minute walk into my office AFTER the five minute drive to the U, now from my door to the office door is 6 minutes.
3. Along the parking lines....leaving the worksite in the middle of the day isn't a horrible logistical nightmare. I left to pick up a catering order the other day: 30 seconds to get to the car and pull out of the driveway, 3 minutes to restaurant, 4 minutes to pick up order and pay, 3 minutes back to the office.....11 minutes total. At the University, I would just be getting to my car and pulling out in 11 minutes....and I would have no hope of getting the same parking place when I got back to campus.
4. New workplace has a sink in the breakroom more washing dishes in the bathroom! Plus as the awful and overpriced Union food isn't an option I have been forced to bring my lunch to work with me nutrition level has definitely risen.
5. I work under a skylight.....real light folks!!! No more cave office with dingy florescent lighting and bad air.
6. Even though I am in an all female office...the dating prospects are much better. Gone are the days of the only eligible bachelors being grad-students who are anxious to leave Utah the second they finish their degree....hello to that super hunky officer who was at a meeting at our offices yesterday. Oh so dreamy......
7. Now onto the job.... I have a director who is honest and caring, one who actively backs her employees and one who is fully respected by her peers. Let's say that at the center it was the exact opposite situation.
8. At the moment I am actively trying to take as many tasks as I can eek out of my director, versus being given an impossible more being overworked and underpaid!
9. One thing that is similar is that I am a good assistant, and I know what a good assistant should be doing. My new director isn't used to having someone to help her, and sadly has been doing way too much on her own. Every time she apologizes for giving me work to do, I have to remind her that I am her assistant and that is what I am there for.
10. Another similarity is that I find the subject matter that I am dealing with to be absolutely fascinating. I've spent alot of time this week reading to get myself up to speed on the subject of sexual violence....I am at the point where I start rattling off rape statistics to random people.

Overall I am so happy that I got this job and left the center. The weight off of my shoulders has been fact ---and this might be a bit too personal for some--- I am actually having a period this week. I haven't had a decent period in months because I have been too stressed out with the on-goings at the center. And if anything, I think that is a definite sign of good things to come.

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Jen Allyson said...

Yay! I'm glad for all the positive changes! Sounds like you're happy!