Tuesday, June 21, 2005


So I go into the bathroom and there is this girl in there attempting to flush the toilet with her foot...does this seem to defeat the purpose to anyone else but me? I remember, way back when I worked for Discover Card, that there was this lady who would, after using the bathroom, get a paper towel (using the little pull button with her bare hand) to turn on the sink. Then she would wash her hands and use the paper towel to use the dispensor again to get a clean paper towel to dry her hands off with.
problem 1#: The woman in her (oh my god germs thing) manage to contaminate the towel dispenser for all the normal people who clean their hands FIRST before touching the dispenser.
problem 2#: Why the hell would it really matter if your hands touched for a second something that obviously had germs on it if you were then going to immediately wash your hands afterwards...these strange people take a rather straightforward system and ruin it. Idiots!

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