Monday, June 20, 2005

The Satisfaction of finishing...

well, honestly, the Zucker Room will never really be finished, but for the moment and for my part in it, it is. And it feels wonderful!

I went to physical therapy first thing this morning and I brought extra clothes to work.(Which was smart on my part because I was really sweating!) While I was completely wiped afterwards I still went into the Zucker room to work. I wouldn't sit for more than 30 seconds to do any task, because if I sat I wouldn't get up again. But I finished sorting the books and getting them onto the shelves. All of the reel to reel tapes and stupid class stuff for Hebrew that the Hebrew professor feels that we should store for him was all packed into boxes, clearly marked and put into the storage room. I am not too happy that I had to put stuff back into the storage closet, but since I had recently cleared it all out of crap there was at least some storage space to use. Then I cleaned all the crap off the floor and broke down all of the looks great, and if I can only remember to bring my camera to work I can take pictures of it to put up on the web and to send to the Zucker family.

Here is the thing that pissed me off though and also the reason why I am done with the Zucker Room...Harris came in, asks if I had gotten to those 12 boxes of books that he ever so nicely junked up my office with. I told him that they had been incorporated into the book stacks already and that I was almost finished. Then he starts talking about how he is going to need to find all of those books because he wanted to go through them first. Yeah, well, when in the hell is he going to do that?! I am the first person in a long time that has done anything in that room, let alone move the damn room and reorganize the books--all of the books--nothing in storage somewhere...everything is out and in some sort of order, and he has the gall to tell me that I shouldn't have organized them in when that is why he brought all of those books in the office in the first place! Jerk! So the reason why the Zucker Room is finished is because I have done a ton of work in that is "not my job, or anywhere close to being in my job description". And after all of my work I get a comment like that...fuck it! All of the Jewish studies books are in one section of the room but there is no order to them, I had entended to organize those later but I have half a mind to never touch them again...if someone wants them ordered, they can do it themselves! I had also intended to make a database and catalog all of the books, and I had even been in contact with the guy from the College of Humanities to make it a searchable database on the web, but sod that...there are better uses of my time, even if those are doing absolutely nothing.

What I find strange is that trying to keep this place clean is a never-ending task, as soon as I get rid of a bunch of stuff, more of it shows up. It is making me seriously rethink archiving the files because as soon as I clear out space it will fill up again. But I would need to find a task that would really occupy me and I am not sure that I will be able to find is hopeless.

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