Monday, August 08, 2005

Out of it

This past week, I have been here and not. It is frustrating as I do not know the cause of my remoteness and over-emotionality (and no it isn't PMS, don't go there).
I just have felt like a shell, as in the sense of being fragile and of what is left of me...the problem is I don't know what happened or why the change, I just am at the moment. Those that love me ask what is wrong, and I have no answer for them. It discourages me as much as it does could be a whole host of things: money, my health, my weight, the impending school year, everything and nothing.

This weekend we went out to the Salt Flats for the annual model rocketry convention...four days of rocket madness baby! the great thing that happened was that my father got his level 2 certification, he has been wanting this for a long time and he finally made it, I am very proud of it. Maybe if I get my act together I will post some of the pictures....I have a great one of my little brother sleeping in the car...

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