Monday, October 10, 2005

Behold the power of the lime green pants!

So Saturday I mosied on over to Kmart to restock on household supplies and I found these incredibly obnoxious pair of lime-green capri pants for $3. Under those conditions I had to get them, I also got an 80 cent pair of shorts. I got some other items of a cleaning nature that seem to delight only me, but what can you do? There has been some pledge multi-purpose cleaner for wood that I have been dying to try out...our kitchen floor has been getting quite spotted, and I also got dish soap with bleach in it, and I absolutely love it! The soap lasts for a lot longer and cleans much better than our old stuff. Now we still have this never ending pile of dishes that will not go matter how many hours a day I seem to work on them. Not being able to get them done disturbs me. I think it is part of my perfectionist nature, I want to have all the housework done so that the house is always clean, I want to be caught up on the laundry, I want to be caught up on my homework and still have time to rest, work out and write everyday. Yeah, yeah...I know everyone wants to do the same impossible thing, but I am finding that my inability to manage this is causing me anxiety which seems to translate over into a headache. That is the other odd thing...if I stress about something it seems to give me an immediate headache.

Let's move to the family is now in California with my grandpa. And although I am unable to go I really wish that I was there, but I am sure that I would just internalize everything there as well. My mom said that my grandfather was really thin and they are worried that my grandmother might be showing signs of early onset alzehimers. My uncle, the hermit, is down there as well mooching off my grandparents on his visit and is trying to take control of the situation. He actually tried to tell my Mom not to come and see them at all yesterday...and I'm sorry but she is there ONLY to see my grandfather and my uncle trying to be "the man" isn't going to stop her. Perhaps it is best that I am not there, I wouldn't hold my tongue at all. And my little brother Jimmy turns 17 today, and I think that not being there for that makes me a little sad as well.

Back to the lime green pants...I wore them yesterday, and they are so awful they are fun. Mr.3 indulged me, but if he saw anyone else where them he would have said something. I am hoping that he finds my nerve endearing. When the sun would hit them, they would blind you...yep, they are that cool. Oh and Mr.3 and I have hit new levels of domesticity....we are getting checks with both of our names on them. It is something that I have been wanting to do for a while...and the checks are cool....tropical frogs.

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