Wednesday, November 09, 2005

First Meeting

This morning Mr.3 notified me that today was the anniversary of him first coming in to the Center and meeting me. Who would have known from that first day, where I had been to the dentist in the morning, and I asked him, a complete stranger, if I was drooling all over myself from the novacaine, that he would have been with me a year later.

I got the best call at work today...

"Is this the place where Neil Diamond is playing."

"No sir, you have called the Middle East Center"

"Are you sure Neil Diamond isn't playing, it is supposed to be at the E-Center"

"No sir, you called the MIDDLE EAST Center, we don't have concerts here."

This is definitely one that should go down in the record books. I think that made my day, but I haven't started in again with the website so it might ruin it all. Ok, time to go back to work.


Dimari said...

Ahh...LOVE! :)

Rob said...


Stephanie said...

i got a call about the Neil Diamond concert today too, except mine went like this...
"I need to board my dog for the Neil... concert.

I say "ok no problem what day is it?"

"You mean you don't know?"

"No, sorry i don't"

"Well then i'll have to look it up and call you back"

It was silly