Saturday, November 12, 2005

Global Voices and work

I find that doing the Kurdish roundup for Global Voices is also so much easier than the roundup for the Turkish groups. At least with the Kurdish ones, there is a limited number in English, and my Kurdish is nonexistant so I don't worry about the other ones....but with Turkish I can read everything and hunting through 1000+ blogs is time consuming, but it fasinates me. I try to work on my article ahead of time but I almost feel that I need to read the Turkish blogs uninterrupted...which I can't do too well at work.

Speaking of work, I wanted to go home early on Friday, actually I asked for the day off...a request that was ignored. So I worked on Friday, I was a good busy bee and got a lot of stuff completed on the new website. Then at 5, "I" hangs me this monster document that he needs scanned. I stayed working on it until 7:30 and then finished it later at home. I worked 12.5 hours on Friday. But the grant is almost finished, they are just doing re-edits on it this weekend, and Kate said that if she needed me that she would call. The bug however was delighted that there were a bunch of people in the office after 5...and she spent a hour in the office just talking away to "I" of Kate as I was working away. So I made sure to ask Kate if she had my phone number to call me in on Saturday if she needed me. I may not have enjoyed working late, but at least I managed to get the self-satisfaction of showing the bug in an indirect way that I am more valuable at the office than she is. Either way, I still don't get paid enough...which is why I get more praise from my superiors in the office...because they know that I am underpaid for the amount of work that I do in the office in comparison to "other" persons in the office.

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