Tuesday, November 08, 2005

yes, twice in the same day...

I have discovered that I can't work for more than an hour at a time with the new website thing as I seriously fear for my computer screen's safety. Plus I should keep the swearing down in the office.

During class today I was wondering what it would be like just to go to school and not work. I have always had a combination of one or two jobs, working full time, throughout college. Currently just about everyone in my immediate circle of friends is just going to school, and somehow, it seems to occupy all of their time. They are constantly worried about their papers and the reading that they have to do...and it makes me wonder if I am really missing something. I am staying up on the reading, and I have done a minimal amount of work on some of my projects....I feel like I am on the same plane as all of them. But the difference in time sorta bugs me...am I missing out on alot, or am I just a time-managment goddess? Anyone who looked at the amount of laundry I haven't done, or dishes/other chores that I haven't finished would disagree with the time goddess thing. So am I missing out on something....could I be so much more? Am I wasting potential?

God, I hate when I start asking questions like these to myself because there is no answer in the end.

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Rob said...

I was truly fearful of you today.