Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Going completely OUT OF MY MIND!

At times I have myself deluded into believing that I am just a time management goddess....and sadly, I'm not. So far I have managed fairly well with full time graduate school, full time work, as Hilary puts it a "full time boyfriend"(he's my fiance now-thank you very much!), and the multiples of other extra projects that I am working on....but now that I am in the heat of the end of the semester I am crashing. Part of it wouldn't be that bad, but I have to finish a research paper for tomorrow, all of the reserach and numbers etc have been finished, it is now just a matter of fleshing it out, but everytime I start to work on it, it proves itself to be so boring that my head turns to mush and I begin to drool. Not only is the drool bad for my keyboard, it isn't helping me with actually finishing the paper. I have another big project due on Thursday, which shouldn't be too bad, I just need time to work on it though...and then the last project should be fine because I will have a full week without other classes to intrude.

Here is the hard part, as my mind has turned to mush, I can't focus on one thing let alone the four thousand other things I need to be focusing on....so I have been getting a little testy at times when I am on the phone with someone and someone else (like the bug) seems to think that I can speak with her at the same time as I am helping someone else on the phone.

Either way, I should be working on my paper but I am just going to spend the last hour of work playing with all of the new FedEx supplies that just came in. That should soothe me.

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Erin said...

You did take your aggression out on the boxes. It was a lot of fun to watch you.