Wednesday, December 07, 2005


so I haven't gotten very much sleep at all the past few days as I have been madly scrambling to get various projects finished....lack of sleep makes me cold...and since the weather has decided to slip into subzero...this just adds to my coldness. In order to warm myself up I have been keeping a constant stream of hot drinks in my system. Now I normally have tea at night as it calms me and clears my head, but every night this week I have had the double boiler going and a steady supply of tea in my little tea-cup. I have been added more and more sugar to it lately. Then today I started drinking coffee, which I normally can't have in the morning as it will upset my stomach...I had something like 3-6 full cups of coffee throughout this morning. I also haven't had anything to drink today that hasn't had some measure of caffine in consequently I am quite jittery and talking/thinking/all mental and physical processes going at a thousand miles a minute. I just put the doubleboiler on for more tea, I am sure that my system is going to self-distruct with all of this caffine and sugar but I think that I am in withdrawls of well...something... I finished the mountain dew from dinner about a half hour ago.

the good news is I finished that fricking research project paper----oh god it was awful!----and I just plugged out my weekly for GV on the Kurdish Blogosphere...all that remains is the portfolio for L2 Methodology which, holy hannah!, I have a lot of work to do. And I can't exactly work on it at work because the special characters for Turkish don't want to translate over from the PC to the MAC. Oh and we are supposed to have some special potluck thingy tomorrow in that class, and I'm sorry but who really has the time to make something the night before a HUGE project is due. We are supposed to bring food from our region that we are specializing in and since my socio-lingual presentation everyone is expected me to bring something "amazing and foreign" the only thing that I can afford to make at the moment is pita bread and trust me I don't have an extra 3 hours to spend doing that at the moment. Normally bread making is quite theraputic for me...but today I would probably collapse if I started..

ok, so I think that I have done enough brain-cleanseing for the moment, now I have to start working on that portfolio....oddly enough it has felt like the middle of the night since about six this evening...and it is only 9pm. The ulitmate goal: in bed by 11pm...but knowing me lately, it will be 1am.

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