Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tying up loose ends

Well just to let people know what is going on....and at this point I am not sure what I have and have not told anyone.

My uncle Don died this morning at 1:08am. He arrived from Seattle last Wednesday to my Grandfather's in California. He was home for a day and a half before they hospitalized him for possible liver failure. As of this weekend they were trying to stabilize his liver so that he might be able to undergo chemo, but there was still a possibility. As of Sunday, it became apparent that he would not become healthy enough for chemo---the timeline was weeks. As of Monday, everything began to shut down....after he spoke with a priest we sorta went to sleep...but at this time we still thought that he would last a few more days. At about midnight the nurse called my Grandfather and said that his breathing had becomed labored and that it would be hours. They got there, they held his hand, and then...his breathing....just....stopped.

Grandpa called my mom this morning. And as I was raving this morning about my partner for my testing project walking into work, my mom called me. We are stuck in an odd spot. This has happened so fast. Just last week we were annoyed with my Uncle for not coming to stay with us to get treatment. He knew then. And he kept it from us. He lived and died only on his terms.

Tomorrow my mom and I drive down to California. My Dad, my brother and my beloved Mr. 3 are unable to change their schedules to come down. I asked for a week off, but I hope to be back before then. The thought of seeing family again under such horrible circumstances is awful. But I think that being gone from Mr. 3 will probably rip my heart out.

I will try to post during this time. I have already looked up the free wireless locations down by where my Grandpa lives (he has dial-up and I am afraid that I have become spoiled---plus for the amount of research that I have left to do for my paper-dial-up would kill me). So now, dear readers, you know what's going on with me.

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