Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Jetlag Haze

Good news abounds!

1. I am home after 20 hours in a plane...and I am only slightly loopy.
2. Mr.3 is FREE!!!! He is now at his parent's home and we will see about getting him back here within the next few days---hopefully by Christmas....oh please, please, let him be home by Christmas!

As for me....yes I need to post more, but I did put up a ton of the photos from India, there will be more but as the night gets later and later the slower and slower my mind works. That and the delhi belly that I am dealing with takes alot more time and bum pain that what I would like. Raj and Sandjish are battleing with Gengis and Aziz for supremacy of my GI tract. My money is on Gengis and Aziz...they have been there longer.


rob said...

I hope he gets back by Christmas, too.

Kerrith Black said...

Welcome back.