Thursday, October 18, 2007

Trapped in an 80's hair band kind of life

So the other day I was listening to the radio and I realized that my life has become a Whitesnake song....or rather several of their songs strung together. To say the least, I am quite surprised that my life resembles any 80's hair band song, but I guess it does.

What is further surprising is that in this new scenerio...I am the lead singer and Mr.3 has become Tawny Kitaen, the red-headed model that was in several of Whitesnake's videos and at one point was married to the lead singer. She is probably most well known for her white nighty acrobatics in the video Here I Go Again. Hey....anyone who does the splits on the hood of a jag does deserve props.

So I presented this scenario to my husband (and I am going to just include the whole email): "So what's with the continued no calls/no contact thing? Conversations with you every three weeks is not my idea of fun. Not that any of this situation is fun. What was this life management skills meeting thing? What is the status of your testing?

I still can't shake the feeling that you are avoiding coming home. I have apprehensions about you coming home too, you know. It isn't like I don't. The burden of the awkwardness that will result from you coming home is shared....not just wholly on you.

Listening to the radio the other day I came to a very strange life is becoming one long Whitesnake song. Which I think makes you that red-headed model. I have a hard time imagining you doing the splits on the hood of a car though....are you limber enough to do that? Of course, you could always do the panda roll.

That's all for this evening.
I love you

His reply: "Good morning honey. I was online yesterday but you weren't on and I got "timed out" by the watchers. I am anxious about coming home, but certainly not avoiding it. I miss you terribly and really miss our little life :)

I could probably panda roll on the hood of a jag, but the splits, not so much ... it might hurt bits of me or something, not to mention what it might do to the car.

The life management thing was interesting, just really basic ideas and instructions for how to do laundry how to cook basics, some communications things but the cool part - they brought in a little Corgi puppy. He was really neat, his name was Nigel, so it really fit.

I love you"

While watching his panda roll on the hood of a jag would be really interesting, I just can't but wonder if I should really worry about Nigel being a competition for my husband's affections. I miss him terribly...and I wish more than anything that this separation will end soon. Eight months is a really long time. And what is worse about this situation...and it isn't the worry that this might end goodly or is that we never get to a point-never leave this awkward transition period- where this can reach some sort of conclusion. That is what is most taxing, not the worry, not the loneliness, the money issues...all that can be sorted out. What can't be sorted out without him here and waiting for that point is the most taxing thing of all.

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Anonymous said...

i'm sorry to say this but it sounds like this guy has another life, maybe another wife ...