Friday, January 18, 2008

Dim Sum and Job 3

I think that Job 3 has polluted my ability to watch TV and only watch TV. I tried today and was compelled to work...only when I was doing both things at once did I not feel like something was missing. Weird, is all I can tell you. I am trying a new routine with Job3, 4 hours everyday...instead of the absurdly odd schedule that I was attempting to run before. So far so good...I am going into a weekend without being down any hours. A first! Which is good because I need to find time to work on GV and I am hoping that this will make it happen.

Oh, and if anyone says to you "let's go out for dim sum"....just say no. I had a business meeting over dim sum yesterday and I spent the rest of the evening quite ill. The food tasted alright, I just have issues with the texture of anything in a dumpling. I'm sure that if Mr.3 is reading this he can take some satisfaction in that fact that I was sick all evening, since I always made such a big stink when he made chicken and dumplings. ugh. At least I don't have to eat that again.


Kerrith Black said...

Chicken and dumplings can be good. You just have to make light and fluffy dumplings rather than the small, doughy, eastern European kind.

Also, sorry for not talking to you more the other day. I was pretty tired and out of it. If I seemed unsympathetic it is because I just caught up on your recent blog posts today and I was unaware of your life changing news.

Delal said...

That's alright. I just assume that everyone knows now. I was more worried that you thought that I was being rude, when I left towards the end of your conversation with Linda. But I did really need to go to the restroom.