Monday, January 21, 2008

Goodwill and Cleaning Out

Today I gathered Mr.3's clothing items (minus the few sentimental items and ones that I decided to keep) and took them all down to the homeless shelter. It totaled nine bags of clothing.

Looking at all of that clothing....and the quantity is due to me buying him a whole new wardrobe each time he changed sizes....looking at all of that it seems to me that I was extraordinarily good to him. He never wanted for clothing, or books, or food....or love. He was the stupid one for giving that up. It makes me happy to know that some homeless man will now have the ability to dress nice for a job interview...or that a heavy coat will help them stay warm. As I told Mr.3's mom, doing this, donating all of his clothing, was the only way that I could give a dishonest man an honest legacy.

I can't quite describe how good giving those items away made me feel. Jimmy thought that it was oddly vindictive....but I beg to differ.

There were also a lot of expensive items in those nine bags of stuff....polo shirts and pants, brooks brothers clothing, perry ellis pants, tommy hillfiger, etc....easily a couple thousand dollars worth of stuff. The sentimental box is much smaller. It consists of his favorite tshirt (the florida Seminoles one that I was surprised that he left), a pair of underwear (they were the panda underwear...of odd sentimental value), some photos of him from his twenties, his baseball cards, and his hat collection. Also included in this box is a letter to his mom....which I am going to post here because I think that I want to keep a record of it...and if Mr.3 reads this, he will know what I sent to her. I am going to put it here word for word....Mr.3's given name is Scott (although that it not what many people know him by here) any contact with his mother, we have always used "Scott" when referring to him.

"Dear Carolyn,
It is with a heavy heart that I write to you today. The enclosed box of items are the only things Scott left at my house that are of sentimental value. I am sending these things to you as you will be the most likely person to ever see him again.
When Scott left Utah in Feb. 07 he went to Washington DC for a job. I was lead to believe that he would return to Utah and that his long absence was due to him seeking treatment for his PTSD. On January 5th, I learned that his was a lie. On that day I received a very enlightening phone call.
The truth is that Scott did go to DC for a job. However the job was obtained with false identification. To be specific, Scott had stolen my little brother's social security card and had set up a new life for himself using my brother and his credit record. While in DC, he met a woman by the name of Kathy. They had moved in together, were looking at a house to purchase, they were even speaking of marriage- they even bought a dog. Or more correctly- Kathy bought him a dog.
On the night of December 19th, 2007 Scott left Kathy's house in the dead of night. She later found out that he had taken out credit cards in her name, totaling $32,000.
So that you are aware, there are felony warrants for Scott in Maryland, Florida, and Utah. They found evidence at Kathy's home that Scott was attempting to make multiple false identification cards. Michael Lee was one of the names---and I suspect that he might also try to use your mother's maiden name as an alias as well.
Scott has hurt many people, but most of all himself. He had many good things going for him here that he seemed determined to destroy. I loved your son dearly, and a part of me will always love him---and cherish the few short years we spent together. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your family for a short time. I will be seeking a divorce here in Utah. I will let you know when that is finalized. If you happen to see Scott and he wonders what happened to the rest of his stuff--tell him that I gave it all to the homeless shelter. It was the only way that I could think of to give a dishonest man an honest legacy.
Take Care- D"

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