Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Such A Slippery Slope

Just when you think that you have everything handled....life smacks you in the face and says "no"!

On Saturday I received a letter from Express Recovery Services for a bounced check during the time of all the troubles...May 2006. Now I know that I paid this, but I can't find the tiny slip of paper that says that I did. And since I can't provide proof that I paid it, I now have to pay this check to the tune of $84.74. The original check was $44.74 to Jiffy Lube and I know that I paid it when it only had the extra $20 fee on it. And the collections people were awful. I had thought that everything was handled since I had heard nothing from them.....since the SUMMER of 2006! But I guess that it is standard procedure to send out notices of an unpaid debt every 20 months! They had no answer for that one.

Of course, my question is.....why now? Why does this start to happen NOW? It has taken me ages, absolute ages to get back onto my feet financially...I have just been starting to feel secure....and then this letter comes. And of course, I am already battling with the memories of the time the check was written and any and all memories of Mr.3 right now.....and then this adds to it. And yes, it made me cry.

And I cried the entire time I tried to go through my records and realized that I was not going to find what I needed....instead I found three of the Mr.3 jail letters that I thought I had put all in one place. So I ended up reading them...and crying some more...and genuinely feeling financially awful about myself.

It will pass....hopefully 4 hours of working job 3 will do the trick.

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Glenn said...

I don't know how the law works there but that bill predates your bankruptcy.Isn't it discharged?