Sunday, February 10, 2008

Being Sick All Over Again

Last Sunday, Jimmy came home with a cough and gave it to me. Of course, I had finished my antibotics on the following Friday...and since my immune system was weakened, I of course got some mutated form of his cough and I have spent the last week being close to deathly ill. Well not deathly....but sick enough to wish for death. And sick enough to have to go back to the doctor...and find out that I either have two new ear infections or that the first set never left.

So...back on antibotics and a slew of other medications.....but this time, with a wonderful cough that makes me hack so hard I pee my pants.

Did you know that too many Ricola cough drops can cause a laxative effect? There is a warning on the bag, and apparently my limit is four. It isn't pretty. Neither is the echo of my cough so I am at a loss on what to do there. This cough is impervious to cough syrup...oh....its that fun.

I guess being this sick has also afforded me the luxury of being so sick that I haven't been able to be yesterday marked my second anniversary and officially one year since I have seen my husband. That is also one year of forced celibacy....which annoys me greatly. I was once celibate for four years....but that was my choice, this however wasn't. I had thought that if I was ever going to hear from Mr.3 again it would have been yesterday, but no go. Not that I would know what to saw to him anyway....but if I did see him in person I would have gone to whatever lengths it would have taken to give him my cough.....because that would have been quite satisfying.

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