Monday, March 09, 2009

Quinoa Porridge...Makes Me Rub My Belly

What has Debbie been up to lately, you ask?


No, seriously.....I've been eating.

Been trying a new thing where I try a new food each week and at least one new recipe. Three weeks ago I tried Quinoa (pronouced "keen- waa") which is a grain. It's awesome when you cook it because as it is a seed it sprouts a little in the heat. And while I dislike the texture of oatmeal, I completely love quinoa porridge. I also tried to make vegatable sushi....which is alot harder than it sounds....I couldn't get the rolling right and then my knife wasn't sharp enough so it would sort of explode out when I cut it. I had a few that were rolled ok, but there was quite alot of sushi bits that looked like I crossed a finger-paint-happy-kindergardener with a sushi chef.

Week two of my experiment was acorn squash......tasty and pretty but a little on the sweet side.

Last week's new food was spaghetti squash. The receipe was awesome! I highly recommend it

Not sure what I am going to do for this week, it could be an artichoke....or something......I'm not sure if I am ready to try something like a parsnip or a turnip.......yet.


bint battuta said...

Pronouced "keen-waa"? Thank you, I've just learnt something new. I my head it sounded very different :)

bint battuta said...

(That should have said 'in my head', of course.)